CHCH"Briarwoods Momma Mia"
2 - 4 PT Majors in one weekend
Champion female
OFA - Hips, Elbows,Cardiologist cleared Heart, Cystinuria cleared through parentage.

Ch_Jewel_1CH "The Crown Jewels of Briarwood"
3 - 5PT Majors in one weekend!!!
Champion female
OFA - Hips, ELbows, Cardiologist Cleared Heart, DNA Cystinuria cleared

CH"Briarwoods Evangeline"

Champion Female

OFA- Hips,Elbows. Cardiologist cleared heart,
DNA Cystinuria clear
Big , Beautiful, Easy going girl. 

Eva has now retired and gone to live with a wonderful new owner.

                                      THE BLACK PEARL OF BRIARWOOD

                                              OFA- Hips, Cardiologist cleared heart
                                    DNA Cystinuria cleared

                                    Full sister to Jewel

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