Briarwood Newfoundlands Sample Contract


Seller_________________________________ Buyer_____________________________________

Address________________________________ Address___________________________________

____________________________________ __________________________________________

Phone_________________________________ Phone_____________________________________

Expected Date Puppy Available_____________ Cash Purchase Price_________________________

Non Refundable deposit ___________________                   _______________________________

Microchip # _______________________                 Sex__________ Color________________


Individual Reg.# _________________________ Breed_____________________________

1. Limited Registration Yes ____ NO ______2. Buyer agrees to Spay/Neuter Yes ____ NO _____

Buyer understands and agrees that this dog/puppy is being sold strictly as a pet and will NEVER be used for breeding purposes. Buyer agrees to spay/neuter this dog/puppy after 11 months of age and no later than 12 months of age. Buyer agrees to allow seller to withhold registration application until after this dog has been spayed /neutered. Buyer agrees to send letter from veterinarian to breeder as proof of neutering/spaying immediately after the spay/neutering is done, Veterinarian must verify the dogs’ microchip number in said letter. 
Seller will have this puppy/dog microchiped around 8 weeks of age. Buyer agrees not to register this dog with any other registry.At time of sale, seller will have already had the puppy/ dog health checked by a veterinarian. Puppy/dog will be up to date on shots and will have been dewormed twice.
Buyer takes on sole financial responsibilities and liabilities for this dog/puppy.

This puppy/dog is guaranteed to be out of parents that both have OFA certified good hips. We cannot and do not guarantee hips to pass OFA clearances, as there are too many variables that we have no control of once the puppy leaves our home that can cause hip dysplasia. Buyer understands that not being able to pass the OFA test does not mean the puppy will cripple, nor does it mean it cannot still be a good pet. 
Buyer understands that we do not make refunds for any reason.
We also guarantee that the parents of this puppy/dog have heart clearances from a certified cardiologist. By signing this contract , the buyer is acknowledging that he/she has researched all health issues that the Newfoundland breed has issues with, and is willing to accept both the risks and the rewards of owning a dog from the Newfoundland breed.

 No other guarantees either expressed or implied are given.
Buyer agrees to put puppy/dog on nutritionally balanced dog food for a dog of this breed. 
Buyer agrees that this puppy/dog will NEVER be sold , traded, loaned, leased, or given to any new owner, or a puppy mill, broker, pet shop, pet auction, indiscriminant breeder, or any other similar facility. Buyer agrees never to allow this puppy/dog to be put into an animal shelter such as a “ Humane Society Shelter” , Dog Pound, or Dog Rescue facility. Buyer agrees that if for any reason he/she does not, or is not able to keep this dog/puppy for any reason, or does not or is not able to abide by all terms of this contract,  this puppy/dog will be returned ,at buyers expense , to seller with registration papers signed over to seller. No replacement will be given by seller under any  circumstances.

Buyer agrees that all amounts due under this contract, including damages for its breech, and all court costs and legal fees for both buyer and seller shall be paid by the buyer, in Marshall County S.D. and any suit brought against this contract shall be brought in Marshall County S. D. 

Seller__________________________________ Buyer _________________________________

Date _________________                                            Date ___________________

Notary_________________________________ Notary_________________________________



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